Stainless Steel 316
from P&P Non Ferrous Ltd


Stainless Steel 316

Grade 316 is the standard molybdenum-bearing grade. It is excellent in a range of atmospheric environments and is generally more resistant that grade 304.


316 tends to be regarded as the standard “marine grade stainless steel”. It also has excellent weldability.


Grade 316 is an incredibly versatile material, so as a result it has a wide range of uses…


·     Food preparation equipment.

·     Laboratory equipment

·     Railings

·     Coastal architecture

·     Boat fittings

·     Chemical containers

·     Threaded fasteners

·     Springs


We stock stainless steel 316 in the form of round bars, hexagons, flats and squares in the following sizes…


Round bar:

From 1/6” dia – 16” dia

From 2mm dia – 90mm dia



From 0.152” a/f – 3” a/f

From 4mm a/f – 60mm a/f



From 1/2” x 1/8” – 6” x 1”

From 15mm x 3mm – 100mm x 20mm



From 1/16” Sq – 5” Sq

From 4mm Sq – 50mm Sq

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